Friends of the Museums

The Friends of the Museums is the non-profit organization that supports the Fuquay-Varina Museums. We would like to thank the following Friends:

Charter Members (2009)

Akins, Anna
Amico, Ann Marie
Amos, Flora Howard
Ashworth, Max
Ashworth, W. D. “Skinny”
Bennett, Larry and Kathy
Booker, Pamela
Cardin, Vickie
Gardner, Marilyn
Johnson, Arthur and Brenda
Johnson,  Jimmy and Kim

Mays, Dot
McDougall, Beverly
Medlin, W. E. and Becky
Moore, Charles and Martha
Newton, Orlean
Ragan, Evelyn Ruth
Randolph, Nancy
Riley, Naomi and Jim
Schmelzer, Alice
Semple, Debra
Senter, Jack and Frances

Simmons, Ernest and Shirley
Smith, Anne
Smith, Jon and Tammy
Spidle, James and Deborah
Stephenson, Eleanor
Stephenson, Mollie
Weis, Steve and Susan
Woolard, Gail and Dale
Woolard, Samuel James

Business (2022)

Adcock Law Firm
Becky Medlin
Crazy House Brewing
Curry Engineering
Far Packing Co. Inc.
Smith Law Firm
The Garden Hut
The Young Group

Corporate (2022)

Dickens Insurance
Fidelity Bank

Non-Profit (2022)

Fuquay-Varina Garden Club
Fuquay-Varina Lions Club
Fuquay-Varina Woman’s Club
GFWC Jr. Woman’s Club


Abernethy, Jim
Akins, Anna
Bennett, Larry and Kathy
Byrne, John and Patty
Carroll, Tim
Gardner, Marilyn
Johnson, Arthur and Brenda
Massengill Designs
Moss, Bobby
Newton, Orlean
Riley, Naomi
Rowe,  Karen and Robert
Smith, Anne
Spidle, R. James
Turner, Dan
Woolard, Dale & Gail
Simmons, Ernest & Shirley
Amico, Ann Marie
Johnson, Linda

Individual (2022)

Bailey, Barbara
Baker, Jimmy
Blakemore Margaret
Booker, Pam
Clark, Carl
Crumpton, Libby
Dillon, Patricia
Elks, Jeanne
Ennis, Teresa
Fish, Martha
Ferrell, Jeannette
French, Angela
Gunter, Betsy
Hartman, Mary Lou
Hill, Freddie
Holland, Burt
Lee, Robert Ken
Massengill, Blake
Mays, Dot
Medlin, Becky
Powell, Kay
Randolph, Nancy
Senter, Milton
Stanley, Trey
Stephenson, Mollie
Tew, Sarah
Tilley, Betty
Tyndall, Bryant
Vaughan, Betty
Webb, Sonia
Yeargan, Julia

Family (2022)

Adcock, Willa and Watson
Ashworth, Betty
Barton, Carol and Daryl
Burlock, Jeanette & Bob
Christofferson, Eric & Mary
Holleman, Curtis and Kitty
Hoover, Betty B. and Herbert
Ridpath, Jeanne & Ed
Semple, Jim and Debbie
Truelove, Gene and Nanette
Weis, Steve and Susan
Woolard, Samuel and Caitlin

Endowment Fund Contributors

Bob Barker Foundation
Orlean Newton

If you would like to support the Museums, please consider joining the Friends of the Museums using this form.