Robert Clarence Senter Honors Fuquay-Varina Museums

United States Army Veteran, Robert Clarence Senter, honored his home community with his service during World War II and again by the donation of his collection of memorabilia to the Fuquay-Varina Museums.

A native of Kipling, North Carolina, Robert is the son of Hubert and Myrtle Senter. Born December 26, 1923, Robert grew up with his brother Wayne and sister Iris. After graduation of Lafayette High School, he attended Campbell College. He married Hilda Lee and they have one son, Michael Senter.

Returning from Europe, he worked for the Philco Corporation and devoted his spare time as a Scoutmaster. Currently, Robert is a volunteer with the Fuquay-Varina Emergency Food Pantry. His has been a life dedicated to “service” of his country and community.

Drafted in February of 1943, he served from 1943-1946, first in the 86th Infantry Division and later the 83rd Infantry Division. He landed on Utah Beach shortly after D Day, served with distinction in the Battle of the Bulge and was in Europe at the time of the Nazi surrender. His nephew, Johnny Brown, supplied Robert’s account of his time in the military which is included in the notebook accompanying his display.

Robert has given his numerous medals and souvenirs which have been displayed in the museum. These have become a great treasure to the museum staff and visitors. However, our greatest honor came when the museums were able to witness the ceremony at which he was honored by the Republic of France. The greatest honor awarded by the French: the National Legion of Honor was presented in the old House Chamber in late 2017.

French Official from Atlanta made the presentation.

Held in the North Carolina Capitol building, Robert and three other North Carolina veterans of World War II were honored by French officials for their service in France. Attending were Robert’s son, members of his family, fellow veterans of the American Legion Post 116, and many friends from Fuquay-Varina.

Four North Carolina Veterans honored with French presentation, November, 2017.

Imagine our pride when Robert asked us to add the National Legion of Honor Medal to his collection of other medals. Displayed in the frame atop the glass case holding his other treasures, this special award has a prominent place. Citizens of Fuquay-Varina: join us in showing your appreciation for his service to our nation.