Ashworth Park in Bloom

The Friends of the Museums are proud of the beauty in Ashworth Park this spring. Park and Recreation do a good job of mowing, mulching, and cleaning up on a rather regular basis. Remember they planted the donated Forest Pansy Red Bud donated by the Fuquay-Varina Woman’s Club a few months ago.

However, our pride this spring is the result of the donations and work of a number of individuals. In particular, Tom and Kathy Wiles were moving from Fuquay-Varina and wanted to find a home for their collection of day lilies. As a result of their contact with Susan Bailes, President of the FV Garden Club, we became the recipients of 133 pots of day lilies last year.

Daniel Rice, a local candidate for Eagle Scout, was working in the park for his Eagle Scout designation. Earlier Garden Club members had donated a number of iris and other plants He and his family and fellow scouts took these pots of lilies and added them into his project plans. The park benefited by their efforts.

Eagerly, we awaited the blooming of these lilies. Truthfully, we kept our fingers crossed during the drought period that they might not survive. Fortunately the rainy season of a few weeks back assured us of a wonderful sight.

This is our presentation of the story “before” and “after” in pictures. We hope it serves to say “thank you” again to the wonderful volunteers and donors who made the beauty possible.

Beginning relatively bare, there were the iris and hydrangea which Shirley Simmons and Tony from the Town Parks and Rec had moved from the Johnson House at the Mineral Spring.
The first plants to go into the area came from the FV Garden Club members.
Mrs. Rice works with the first donation from the Garden Club to fill in part of this bare area.
Daniel Rice was responsible for engineering the efforts for this project over a year.
Planting around the Johnson Playhouse was supervised by Daniel.
Around the back of the Playhouse, the Garden Club donations first were added. Mrs. Rice worked hard to get them into proper places.
Day lilies are just there for “one” day generally. Each day there appears a new and different variety.
Some of these beauties were so exciting to see this week in the no longer bare area back of the school house.
The lilies in bloom surr.ound the hydrangea this first year.