Another Before & After Project In The Ashworth Park

These are all learning experiences available in Ashworth Park to any visitor. Hopefully, those who do walk through will be intrigued enough to come back for a tour led by our outstanding cadre of docents. Visitors are welcome from 10:00-1:00 each Monday and 1:00-4:00 each Wednesday at the Centennial Museum for tours led by an expert.

Eagle Scout, Alex Weiss began a project in the park to work with the Friends in preserving bricks from the Varina Brick Warehouse. His scout project included construction of a column using the old bricks upon which we could mark the history of warehouses in Fuquay-Varina in brief. This has enabled our docents to include information not remembered by many pertaining to the first warehouse, Fuquay Warehouse, built on Ashworth Park site in 1908. The Varina Brick which vanished from the scene in Varina is also a subject of our tours.

The Class of 1966, the last class to graduate from Fuquay Springs High school, gave us an opportunity to place a sundial atop the column. Docents always connect our change of names from Fuquay Springs to Fuquay-Varina in our tours. The original HYPHENATED name is routinely explained as we interpret our new brand, “a dash more” for visitors.

The sundial which resulted from these efforts has been quite an attraction for children. Set on daylight savings time, it is correctly read on sunny days. After we convince the children that it is not supposed to be turned, this becomes a great teaching moment.

Before we began the sundial project, a dogwood tree was struggling to survive beside the walkways
Weiss and the scouts undertook to build the column and surrounding area with help.
The column rests on a concrete base.
The surrounding area makes an interesting stopping point to view the sundial.
Plantings were place by Weiss as part of his project. Today the butterfly bushes are quite attractive to all.
The final sundial and historical marker.