Norfolk Southern Caboose #375

This particular piece was  rescued and restored because it ran through Fuquay-Varina. Eventually it will be joined by our reconstructed first depot.

One of 12 purchased by Norfolk Southern RR in 1940, we are using this caboose to educate the public on the purpose it served.  The  caboose is a piece of history which is almost non existent today.

You can follow the restoration process for NS Caboose #375 on Facebook.

The Caboose has arrived at the Museums!


The Town provided a pad, clean and ready in Ashworth Park
First come the rails, placed, spaced, measured and ready for the trucks (wheels.)
The trucks (wheels) placed at each end upon which the caboose body will be set down.
And here comes the caboose body on a big truck!
Lift the caboose off the truck, drive out from under it and turn it around to bring into the park.
The body gets lowered carefully onto the trucks (wheels) for it’s final location.
The caboose is on site in the beautiful park. Everyone is proud of the successful move!

The Caboose is currently available for outside viewing only as the interior restoration is still in progress.  No tours can be provided until the interior is restored.  Visitors are asked not to trespass until work is completed.