A Museum Mystery

From time to time the Fuquay-Varina Museums receive information or materials which raise questions some of which can be settled by research. Others are solved through contacts who can shed light on the subject. Then we receive those for which we have no idea or source in our sights.

The matter of the J. F. Miller collection is just such a “mystery.” For solution, we are hoping that publicity might bring some clarification. Maybe someone will have a small piece of information which can direct our search.

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Preserving Our Warehouse History

The Fuquay-Varina Museums plan to honor the History of Warehouses in our area by preserving some of the bricks salvaged from the Varina Brick Warehouse in our Ashworth Park. With the Tobacco Barn as a primary historic building, the museums have honored the myriad of small farmers on one side through the “Ghost Farmer” sculpture and now plan to honor the warehouse history on the other side of the barn.

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